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    Ma'anshan City


        Ma’anshan is a young and energetic industrial city. It has developed into a garden city with 1.2million people, including 530,000 urban residents. Ma’anshan consists of three districts and one county, and occupies an area of 1686 square kilometers. 
        Located at the Yangtze delta, Maanshan is a core city in the Nanjing Cities Circle and also the eastern gate of Anhui province. Maanshan has a convenient transportation. It takes 3 hours from Shanghai to Maanshan via expressway and less than 40 min to Lukou International Airport. Ma’anshan harbor is a good natural deep-water port. It is A grade port and opens to international ships. Ning-Tong railway runs through Maanshan and links with main railways such as Jing-Hu, Jing-Jiu, Wan-Gan and Xuan-Hang.

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Nanhu Hotel
  Taibai Tower
Taibai Tower, with other names of Blue Lotus Temple or Immortal-Banishing Building, is located at the foot of Mount Cuiluo in Caishi Park of Ma'anshan City.