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    The Old Drunkard Pavilion 0 Photos in album

          The Old Drunkard Pavilion is located in Mount Langya Forest Park, Chuzhou City.   

          In the Sixth Year of the Reign Qingli of Emperor Renzong (1046 A.D), Ouyang Xiu was demoted to be the prefect of Chouzhou. Because he often went sightseeing in Mount Langya, Zhixian, the head monk of Kaihua Temple, built a pavilion by the side of Brewing Fount for him to rest. Due to the fact that Ouyang Xiu self-claimed a drunkard, the pavilion was so named as "Old Drunkard Pavilion". 

          Since The Record of the Old Drunkard Pavilion was written by Ouyang Xiu himself, Mount Langya became world famous.

          In the Ming Dynasty, some other pavilions were built here, including Listening to the Fount Pavilion, Delight and Freedom Pavilion, Shadow and Fragrance Pavilion, Ancient Plum, and Baosong Studio and Fenggong Temple.
          Because The Old Drunkard Pavilion was built among mountains and waters with meandering paths and beautiful rocks and trees, it is regarded as the first of the China's four famous pavilions.

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