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One of the first batch of the country's key scenic spots
National civilized forest park
National 4A-level tourist area

        As the source of Anhui - Tianzhu Mountain is also known as the Wan Mountain. It is located within the boundaries of Qianshan County, Anhui province of China. The highest peak is called "Tianzhu Peak", because it's like a giant pillar soaring into the sky and the literal meaning of "Tianzhu" in Chinese, hence the name of the mountain. In 106 BC, Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty named Tianzhu Mountain as "the Southern Mountain" after he had ascended it. The name was then abolished by the Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty, though people still call it "Ancient Southern Mountain". What's more, it was the fief of the country "Wan" in Chun-Qiu Period. The Mountain was called Mountain Wan and the river was called River Wan. So "Wan" is a short name for Anhui Province. The main scenic area covers 82.46 square kilometers divided into eight major scenic areas. In these areas, peaks are all magnificent, stones are all odd, caves are tranquil, and rivers are all elegant. It's also rich in man-made scenery. The mountain not only has the majesty of the northern mountains but also the elegance of the southern mountains. Tainzhu Mountain was listed as one of the first batch of the country's key scenic areas in 1982, later was listed as the national forest park in 1992. There are many famous landscapes such as Mysterious Valley named "the country's No.1 secret place of granite caves", Third Patriarch Temple of the third generation Chan patriarch, the world marvelous sight- ancient boulder hole and cliff carvings and the drift of Qian River called the first drift of Jianghuai. It was the place where the story "peacocks flying to the southeast" occurred that makes you lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. You will understand the connotation of "cut a bold and successful figure" when you come to the rouge well where sisters of Joes fixed their hair and clothes in dynasty of Three Kingdoms. This area not only has a strong appeal to many famous men of literature and writing such as Wang Anshi, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, but also is the hometown of the founder of Beijing Opera Cheng Changgeng, the famous writer of traditional Chinese novels-Zhang Henshui ,the acrobatic queen-Xia Juhua and the new star of Huangmei Opera -Han Zaifen.

        The natural landscape of Tianzhu Mountain is stunning. Every Peak is odd, every stone is queer, every cave is tranquil, and every river is elegant. The great poet of the Tang Dynasty Bai Juyi once praised the scenery in one of his poems: "the heavenly pillar reaches the sun and the moon and the cave that's thousands of feet wide blocks thunders." The famous poet Li Bai also said that: "After my alchemy is finished successfully, I want to become a recluse in the mountain." Su Dongpo once said that: "I love the local conditions and customs of Shu State best of all my life, I want to be a recluse here when I am old." They all considered the mountain as an ideal residing place .So you can see its unusual fascination. The mountain has the magnificent pillar-like shape and 45 marvelous peaks. It is also rich in exotic pine trees, queer stones, flowing waterfalls, valleys, tranquil caves, strategic passes and old forts. The third-largest artificial alpine lake "Alchemy Lake" is also located in this area. The eyes cannot take it all in -- too many things for the eyes to see and too many beautiful things to be absorbed all at once.


Tianzhu Peak

        The elevation of Tianzhu Peak is 1488.4 meters. It flies high in giant pillar-like shape. The whole peak is comprised of stones and jagged rocks all around. It is magnificent and elegant. The shape is like column, awl, torch, sword or tower, it’s also like an excellent pen bears flowers. It was praised that you have no wish to visit any other mountains after viewing the Five Mountains and you do not wish to visit the Five Mountains after coming back from a trip to Huangshan Mountain. But you even don’t want to visit Huangshan after coming back from Tianzhu Mountain. When the famous poet Li Bai of Tang Dynasty passed by Susong of the Yangtze River, he sounded loudly at the moment he saw the grand sight: Queer clouds are from queer peaks, elegant water contains elegant air. You’ll never find better scenery other than in the green and majestic Wan Mountain. The great poet Bai Juyi once also praised the scenery in one of his poems: “the heavenly pillar reaches the sun and the moon and the cave that’s thousands of feet wide blocks thunders.”Zhu Xi of Song Dynasty once greatly commended the sight that “The giant pillar soaring into the sky lies grandly in the east. All people said the universe is big, but I don’t believe it only until I see this masterpiece." And Li Geng of the Ming Dynasty also wrote a poem in praise: “the spectacular pillar is soaring into the sky. I haven’t ascended half of the peak, but I’ve already in Peng Lai, enjoying the mirage. There are clouds and fog all around when you are walking in the mountain. There are wonders in this world, but this pillar beats them all!”

        Tianzhu Peak is protuberant and very steep. It is very difficult to reach the top. According to records, there were only two tourists arrived at the top so far.

Flying Peak

        Flying Peak is located to the west end of Dragon Crooning & Tiger Growling Cliff. It soars into the sky and the whole body is comprised of stones and shallow water traces on the surface. The giant stone on the top is just like a big canopy. It is the third highest peak of Tainzhu Mountain and is 1,424 meters above sea level. The whole peak is a whole giant stone. There is a round stone covering the top of the peak that is about one meter long, 10 meters high and 100 meters at circumference. It’s believed to have flown to the place from another planet. The stone is called ‘Flying Stone’, after which the peak is named. The Flying Stone stayed straightly on the top just like a baldachin. Many visitors are very surprised at the stone. At the same time, they will have a concern: What should we do if the winds blow the stone down to the peak? 

        There is a legend that while Emperor Qianlong was touring Tainzhu Mountain, he didn’t believe that the stone had flown there from another planet. So the emperor said: “It is not true that the stone has flown here. The belief is just a myth. Suddenly the lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, black cloud covers the peak and the Flying Stone rumbles after he said that. It seemed that the stone was to fly again. Emperor Qianlong was so scared and corrected himself immediately and said: “It is true that the stone has flown here. The belief is not just a myth. If it’s flying away now, why did it fly here in the first place? After that, the sky became clear again with auspicious cloud around. The Flying Stone also stayed steadily on the top of the peak. 

        Seeing from the south, the Flying Peak is like cap and bamboo hat; from the north, it’s like chess and millstone; from the East, it’s like ball and fist; from the West, it’s like an asleep ox and lying tiger. In the west cliff of the peak, there are stone scales just like the scale of a dragon because of the long-time corrosion by water. You can find that the scale is exactly like the map of today’s Anhui province. Look, here is the Huai River and there is the Yangtze River.

Sanzu temple

        Sanzu temple is located at the foot of Mt. Tianzhushan, it is a famous ancient temple with beautiful scenery nearby. The temple was initially built in Tang dynasty and considered an important temple in Buddhism of china.


        You can travel to Mount Tianzhushan in all the four seasons, but the annual spring, summer, autumn is best season to travel. There are carved letter on the top of the stone which was carved by Luowen in Jiaqing years in Ming dynasty.


        Tianzhu Mountain is the sub-tropical monsoon climate in the North with dense forests, quiet environment, the winter is warm and the summer is cool. It is a good place for summer resort. The average annual temperature is low, about 9.5℃. The maximum temperature in summer over the year is 29℃, the minimum temperature in the winter over the year is -13℃. The annual range in the year is small, normally 22.3 ℃. The sunshine hours in Mt. Tianzhushan is short, the average annual sunshine time is more than 2,000 hours. There are more clouds, fog in a year.


        There are two cable cars in Mt. Tianzhushan for tourists to up and down the mountain. The road from the downtown of Qianshan County to the mountain is about 26 kms long. The road between Mazu hut and Tea village is about 5.7 kms long. And there are travel buses for the tourists to go and back. 


        Please prepare for cold-resistance, because the temperature difference is big in the day and the night. The temperature is about 18 degrees Celsius.

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