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  Caocaoyunbingdao ,Bozhou
Caocaoyunbingdao Address: Bozhou, Anhui
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  Li Hongzhang’s Former Residence ,Hefei
Li Hongzhang, who styled himself Shao Quan, was born in Hefei in 1823. His highest official title was governor-general of Zhili (now Hebei province) and Northern Minister concurrently. He held key posts for forty years, traveling far and wide across East Asia and West Europe.
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  Mingjiao Temple ,Hefei
Mingjiao Temple (Mingjiao si)is one of China's state-protected Buddhist complexes. Mingjiao Temple is located on the ancient Jiaonu Terrace (Cao Cao DianJiang Tai). It is in the south of Xiaoyaojin Park in Hefei city...
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  Hui Garden ,Hefei
Located in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Area, south of Hefei city, Hui Garden occupies an area of over 20 hectares. Its layout is based on the geographic topography and in line with the administrative divisions of Anhui Province.
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  Hefei Sanhe Ancient Town,Hefei
Sanhe (Three Rivers) town is located on the Hefei-Huangshan-Jiuhuashan golden tourist route, 40km from the city proper of Hefei
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