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  Taibai Tower,Ma'anshan
Taibai Tower, with other names of Blue Lotus Temple or Immortal-Banishing Building, is located at the foot of Mount Cuiluo in Caishi Park of Ma'anshan City.
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  Bozhou Flower Theatrical Building,Bozhou
Located in the Grand Guandi Temple at the God Fire Temple Street in North Bozhou City, the Flower Theatrical Building, with another name of Playing Platform, is a platform for theatrical performance. It gets its name because the building is decorated with theatrical stories and magnificent paintings. It is an independent building, and is also one part of the Grand Guandi Temple.
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  Bali River Scenic Area ,Fuyang
Bali River Scenic Area is located in Balihe Town, south of Yingshang County, which is close to Huaihe River in the south, near to Yinghe River in the east, 60 kilometers to Fuyang in the west and 170 kilometer to the southeast of Hefei. It was open to public in 1996.
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  Mount Langyashan ,Chuzhou
Mount Langyashan Address: Chuzhou, Anhui
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  Huainan Bagong Mountain Scenic Spot,Huainan
Qinglang Building Hall used to be called Sunhia Garden in ancient times, it was built by Sun Pan under Baie Mountain, and it is a famous scenic spot of Bagong Mountain. There is the two Chinese characters “Yusun” written by Emperor Qianlong which is still vivid and clear now.
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