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  Tunxi Ancient Street ,Huangshan
The street with centuries-old history dates back to the Song Dynasty (960-1279). Emperor Huizong (1082-1135) moved his seat of government to Lin’an (now is Hangzhou), when many architects and workmen were conscripted to construct the new capital
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  Hong Cun Village ,Huangshan
Located in Yixian County, Hongcun Ancient Village was listed as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000. Hongcun Ancient Village, together with Xidi village, is the most representative local-style residence in southern Anhui Province.
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  The Old Drunkard Pavilion,Chuzhou
In the Sixth Year of the Reign Qingli of Emperor Renzong (1046 A.D), Ouyang Xiu was demoted to be the prefect of Chouzhou. Because he often went sightseeing in Mount Langya, Zhixian, the head monk of Kaihua Temple, built a pavilion by the side of Brewing Fount for him to rest. Due to the fact that Ouyang Xiu self-claimed a drunkard, the pavilion was so named as "Old Drunkard Pavilion".
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  The Temple of Lord Bao and Tomb of Lord Bao,Hefei
The Ancestral Temple of Lord Bao (Bao Zheng) is located in the Hefei's Bao River Park, a river named after him. It is the ancestral temple to honor the well-noted upright official of the Song Dynasty.
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  Fengyang Royal Mausoleum of the Ming Dynasty,Chuzhou
Located in southwest Fengyang County, the mausoleum is the tomb of the parents of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty. Construction on the mausoleum began during the Emperor Hong Wu's second year (1369 A.D), and was finished 14 years later.
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