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Hefei (2019-02-21)
Where would you recommend to a tourist as best historical site in Anhui?
The Ancestral Temple of Hu's Family
The Huangshan Enigmatic Cavems
Tangyue Memorial Archways
Xuguo Stone Archways
Mt. Huangshan
Mt. Jiuhua
Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area
Taiping Lake Scenic Area
Emerald Valley
Tunxi Ancient Street
Hong Cun Village
The Old Drunkard Pavilion
11-day Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Mt.Huangshan Tour
Jiuhuashan--Huangshan Tour
The Cruise Tour along Middle & Lower Reaches of the Yangtze River
The Famous Tour “Two Mountains, One Lake + Hefei”
Two-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua
Three-day Conventional Tour to Mount Jiuhua
The Tour of Southwestern Anhui Province
The World Heritage Site Tour